Research Services

Cerebrasol Ltd. can support and contribute to all aspects of preclinical drug discovery. Cerebrasol use electrophysiological technologies to identify specific drug targets, investigate drug mechanism of action and support lead development.

An Overview of Our Services

Technique Protocol Example Project Example

Extracellular Field Potential Recordings

<p>Extracellular Field Potential Recordings</p>
Long term Potentiation, Long term depression

Use in projects related to neurodegeneration, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. We have extensive experience with the handling and preparation of β-amyloid, used in the modelling of Alzheimer’s disease.

Central In Vivo Electrophysiology

<p>Central <i>In Vivo</i> Electrophysiology</p>
Single unit Recordings

Testing the effects of compounds on electrophysiological responses to mechanical, electrical and chemical stimulation can be tested using various models including nociceptive, neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

In Vivo Electrophysiology

Recording of activity in the trigeminovascular pathway

Electrical, mechanical and chemical stimulation of meningeal afferent terminals is combined with single unit recording and microiontophoreis in the trigeminal nucleus caudalis to determine test compounds on neurotransmission through this important relay station in migraine pain pathways.

Multi-electrode array Recordings

<p>Multi-electrode array Recordings</p>
In vivo single unit recordings and/or in vitro slow field potentials

We offer custom designed biochips allowing multiple recordings from brain and spinal cord of anaesthetised animals. Frequently used to test compounds on epileptic activity.

In Vitro Electrophysiology – Whole cell patch-clamp

<p><em>In Vitro</em> Electrophysiology – Whole cell patch-clamp</p>
Brain Slice recordings.
Adult spinal cord slice recordings.
Dissociated DRG recordings.
Recombinat cell line recordings.

Effects of compounds on ion channel activity from cell lines with stably expressed or transiently transfected ion channels and primary neuronal cultures. Vital for hit validation, potency determination, selecting profiling and lead optimisation.

Telemetric Biopotential Recording

<p>Telemetric Biopotential Recording</p>
Recordings of physiological parameters from conscious freely moving animals

We are able to wirelessly record combinations of ECG, EMG, EEG and EOG measurements in addition to arterial pressure, temperature, activity and sympathetic nerve activity from freely moving animals for the use of drug development and safety pharmacology.

Operant Behavioural Testing

<p>Operant Behavioural Testing</p>
Alternating Lever Cyclic Ratio

For the investigation of behavioural correlates of neurodegenerative diseases. Combining operant behavioural testing with our established electrophysiological techniques we offer a comprehensive package supporting the continued development of novel therapies, from slice to whole animals.

Ex Vivo Bladder Nerve Preparation

<p><em>Ex Vivo</em> Bladder Nerve Preparation</p>
Recordings of afferent activity from multi and single units under controlled mechanical distention

Projects related to bladder afferent nerve activity under normal and visceral pain conditions such as inflammation. Intravesical administration of compounds into the bladder can be performed in animals under normal or pathological condition.